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Air Lock for the Zero-G Game Fish Tank

Want to play in zero gravity? I have a game you can just do that in "Y Not," She Meowed series. The game is aptly named Zero-g. It is played aboard Mariposa Spirit in a see-through, technologically-advance plexiglass court/container called, "the fish tank," because it looks like one. Inside the fish tank there is no gravity. The players kick, catch, swat, and anything else possible to do to a soccer size ball in a zero gravity environment. The bottom of the fish tank is marked like a basketball court for orientation purposes. Even though spectators can watch the game clearly through the glass, from the players' side, the special technology produces a clouded view so that they can concentrate on the game. There are four players and a goalie. The goals are pocket-like and move about vertically and horizontally in the end zone. There are few rules with a whole lot of action. Fun to watch as well as to play!

The airlock that connects the fish tank to the rest of the spaceship's normal gravity is something that I got from a memory from my childhood. Once, I visited a family that had a cat and rabbit that loved to play with one another. The family of the two pets had designed an amazing doggie door. I'm not sure of the material, perhaps rubber? As much as I can remember, the designed was composed of interlocking concentric circles. Believe me, it did exist! The cat and rabbit would chase each other in and out of this homemade gateway. It opened and closed with lightening speed. Honest, I never saw the door move. It has stuck in my mind ever since. The airlock does the same thing. When the players leave the fish tank or enter from their dugout (similar to a base ball dugout), or vice versa, this door moves so fast no distortion occurs between the worlds of gravity and no gravity. I imagine it uncoiling with a hole to walk through, then immediately recoiling after the person passes. Only one person at time can enter or exit. Please, read the book to find out more about the wonderful game, zero-g. Thank you.

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