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The Pendant and its Meaning

The pendant of Artemis plays a significant role in my book as a means to an end. The predestined owner holds it and wishes anything she desires. In the beginning, Luna wishes for the end of war, thus the end of men. The pendant, the statue of Artemis, and the Book of Dianic Enlightenment are all intertwined. Artemis is the protector of women and animals. The spirit of the forest animals and Artemis join together to form a magical a statue. The pendant reflects the images on the statue. The cat has the assignment to guide the wearer of the pendant. All and more is foretold in the Book of Dianic Enlightenment. My main characters represent these animals pictured. Skye Good-Night is Artemis. She is a savior of sorts. She suffers for all and is redeemed. In the next blog, an animal and the character will be explained. Thanks for reading!

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