“Y Not,” She Meowed: “Skye is Falling Mystery” is an exciting science fiction series written with strong women characters and humor and with a little romance added in.  It is a new universe run by women and full of interesting characters, technology and gadgets.   


Enter a world where men have accidently killed themselves off with a little help from a cat named Dele Moustache.  The world is now a goddess-based society and Artemis, the protector of animals and women, is at the center. Even the fantastic technology is animal-based.  Earth women join the District of PAW, or Peace for All Women, to make the seventh-all-female solar system member.


It is Dele Mustache’s job to follow the wearer of the Artemis pendant through generation after generation. First, Luna Good finds the necklace, and then her granddaughter, Skye Good-Night inherits it.


Skye follows her fa-ma, Elysium Good-Night, into the District of PAW’s Warrior Women space forces.  Unfortunately, Skye Good-Night is accused of murder (but never convicted), demoted, and sent to command a science spaceship dispatched to save animals and plants. 


The personnel on the ship, some alien and some human, all have animal attributes and unusual pets. For example, there is an alien woman from a cat planet that looks like a woman, but only she can see her cat-shadow.  Or a woman who is has fire-fly attributes and has to wear mittens so as not to electrocute anyone.


Captain Good-Night must clear her name and save the tri-horn horses on a dying planet, but strange things keep happening, including murder.  In every case, the humans think they have saved the day, but it is the animals that do every time.            

One Bark for Murder  is the first book of an entertaining mystery series written with a strong woman lead character who solves crime with geologic clues.  This book is set in the Dallas-Fort Worth area during a time when gas exploration was as its peak.  Other books will each focus on specific area of Texas.

A young mixed-race couple are murdered 1997.  Fast forward to 2007, when Dr. Ruby Stone, a geologist working for the state of Texas, stumbles upon a red mix-Border Collie puppy named Roo.   With her extra-ordinary nose, Roo finds the victims. This happens during Ruby’s oversight of a removal action at an enormous trash site called the Barker Creek Recycling Site located in the fictitious town of Oak City, which is set the Fort Worth-Dallas area. 


Homicide Detective Rollie Fourtier, who is part Cajun, has a word for Ruby, "couillon," for always messing with his crime scenes and collecting dirt samples. But without Ruby's geologic evidence and sharp eyes, the police may not have ever been able to solve the murders.  


While trying to maintain her focus on the project, Ruby has to figure out what to do about her very fit ex-boyfriend, Jeb, and her budding new relationship with handsome but clumsy Rollie.  The racial issues in the case constantly remind Ruby of her own family’s conflicts, and in the end, she even has to re-assess her own biases. 


Ruby's friends and colleagues support Ruby when they can, but her managers' impossible demands could cost Ruby her job. Even worse, Ruby and Roo risk their lives when they encounter explosives, fires, drug dealers, and a crazed murderer.  Ruby carries a big knife, wears toe-stomping cowgirl boots, and knows how to fight.  But being only five tall, can she win?

Why is "Y Not," She Meowed an important read?  I can give you many reasons:                                                                                                        

Besides being a well-written and entertaining science fiction story, “Y Not,” She Meowed is an important Indie book because it tells the story of an all-woman world, which will be loved by both straight and gay women (though some men and young adults would love it, too).  In this time of our lives, with events like The Million Woman March and women running for top political seats, a story like “Y Not,” She Meowed is exactly what women want to read.


“Y Not,” She Meowed is also a different kind of science fiction book.  It has new technology that no one else has come up with before.  Much of the technology is animal-based, which animal-lovers will go crazy about.  There are gadgets, robots, and spaceships that will peak the reader’s interest and fuel their imagination.  


 “Y Not,” She Meowed has a whole world of unusual characters.  The woman characters are divided between more masculine ones and more feminine ones, giving a positive and realistic view of the gay world.  I believe people can relate to these characters better than they would to a made-up world where everyone is beautiful and feminine. The all-female crew on the Mariposa spaceship also includes lots of interesting and new aliens that have amusing animal characteristics and names.   


“Y Not,” She Meowed has lots of unusual animals that will charm the reader and leave them asking for more.  Robby S. Witt has cleverly let the humans think they have saved the day when trouble emerges. But in every case, the animals, unknowingly to the humans, have saved the day instead.  You will be laughing so hard, you will be crying at the same time.  I know I was.

Why is One Bark for Murder an important read?  I can give you many reasons:


Besides being a well-written mystery story, One Bark for Murder is an important Indie book because it tells the inside story to the political going-ons at a Texas environmental agency like no one else has done before.  It is also an important story about equality.  The underlying racial tensions due to slavery in the story are meant to highlight the facts that slavery existed in Texas and affected many lives.

One Bark for Murder is unique - a good mystery story with both a woman geologist who solves mysteries with her geologic skills and a talented dog that has a nose for finding bodies and contamination.  This book should be recommended-reading for any geology student.  The geology of the area and the details on how a groundwater investigation is conducted are both well described.  I also wrote the book because I want to show a deep relationship between a woman and her dog.  


All the women in One Bark for Murder, including the African-American women, are given the dignity they deserve.  No one dresses like a hooker or acts one, which I dislike and see too often.


In One Bark for Murder, my main character, Dr. Ruby Stone, is straight while her identical twin sister is gay.  This is very unusual, but in this instance, based on real life. 

Five Star
From Readers

"Y NOT" She Meowed is a great book.  Very funny and imaginative."

 Kindle Reader

One Bark For Murder is a fun read!        Kindle Reader

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