November 20, 2017

Chapter Five

Roo and I sat in the very back of a black Suburban.  Blade drove while Shark rode shotgun.  The others sat in the row of seats between us.  I was glad. I wanted Shark to be as far away from Roo as possible.

Blade parked in a small parking lot located on Riverside Drive, across from the Long Center.  Everyone got out and wandered down a wide stone conglomerate pathway.  The stone path led us straight to Ste...

September 18, 2017

[Please note : I have updated Chapter Four of Ruby's and Roo's Adventures in Austin. This is a on-going writing project, so there will be periodic updates, as well as new chapters. ]

Chapter Four

Sleeping peacefully on Susan Marshall’s pier, Rollie sat in a tippy fold-out camping chair while holding his fishing rod in his hands.  His feet were resting comfortably on the ice chest in front of him.  His cell phone was on the tackl...

September 2, 2017

Chapter 3 -  (slight rewrite and continuation)

From Mount Bonnell, I drove to MoPac and then took Fifteenth Street all the way to IH35.  I got caught at several lights and lost Julie on the way.  I zigzagged over to eleventh street and Navasota Street where the main entrance to the cemetery was.  Julie’s and Fielder’s cars were already parked when we arrived. 

Rider and I jumped out my truck and raced inside.  I w...

July 29, 2017

Chapter 2 - continued

With a crazed shirtless man riding next to me, I managed the characteristically sharp turns, which skirted towering cliffs of limestones, of RR 2222.  I glanced in my left mirror and saw a little red Miata sports car speeding along.  When it passed us, we both observed that the blonde, Julie, was driving and that Roo was in the front passenger seat. 

My shirtless friend said, “What the fu--“

I inte...

June 30, 2017

I obeyed his command and released the man who had abused the blond.  I was glad to be away from him.  The tattooed snake on his arm was too good.  It gave me the willies.

With hate in his eyes, the bleeding man with the gun said, “Where is Julie?  What have you done with her, you scum bag!”  He leaped at the tattooed man and hit him with the butt of his gun.  The tattooed man fell to the ground and was knocked ou...

June 23, 2017

Roo and I took the trail down toward the creek where we saw the woman kidnapped and the man shot.  After several switch-back turns through dense cedar trees and limestone boulders, Roo stopped and growled.  I could not hear them yet, but I knew Roo was letting me know they were coming in our direction.  Having walked Roo on every deer path in the park, I knew where we could hide.  We scurried up another path to our right and h...

June 7, 2017

I sat on the last seat nearest to the aisle, fourth row from the front.  I was, after all, the bride’s cousin, first removed. My mother had agreed to hold the wedding in her backyard, which was on a bluff that over looked a modest canyon.  Carved out by a large creek, limestone cliffs lined one side of a flat basin.  Puffy canopies of sycamore, cedar, and oak trees filled the canyon like opened umbrellas in a rain storm....

June 7, 2017

Chapter 1 

Geology was everywhere and Dr. Ruby Stone was glad to have the knowledge to understand the environment she was in.  The stair-stepped topography of the Glen Rose Formation in northwest Austin, Texas, made for a laborious climb.  The alternating hard limestone and soft mud/sand layers had been deposited due to regression/progression series of near shore and off-shore environments during the Cretaceous – about sixty mi...

According to the red and white Border Collies tend to have yellow or amber eyes.  According to the, the red Border Collie is the result of a recessive gene pair.  More red Border Collies come from Australia and that is why sometimes they are called Australian Border Collies. 

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