Robby S. Witt

Yes, we are identical twins! We are the two faces of the same coin. I am all about animals. I have seven magnificent animals - four cats and three dogs. I have a vision. If women ran the world not only would women be protected and safe, but so would their children, all the animals and Earth herself.


I'm really crazy about reading a good murder mystery, lesbian romance, and science fiction adventure, so I put them all together and wrote my first book in the series "Y Not," She Meowed, which features a cat name, "Dele Mustache." 


I have degrees in Anthropology, Medical Technology, and Photography, and have now added writing to my many achievements. I have lived in several great cities like Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington while pursuing my career of saving lives as a Clinical Scientist.


Happy Reading!  

D.E. Poteet

I care about animals, the environment, and equality for all.  My book is not only about a murder mystery, its also about preserving the bad actions of our politicians, showing how racism is wrong, showing that woman count, and that the environment matters.  I have a lot of different races in my book, which includes African-Amercians.  I tried to give all of the women in the story the respect they deserved.  There is not a hooker among them.  

I am a Texas geologist and a long time Austinite. Having worked for four different state entities, I can give the reader a unique insight into Texas politics.  In addition, I also share with the reader the love of dogs, sleuthing, geology, family, and the precarious, romantic, and sometimes dangerous life of a government geologist.  

Witt and Poteet were born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, and both

graduated from Paschal High School and the University of Texas at Austin.  

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Robby and Diane

Robby and Diane



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