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Homage to My Sister

D.E. Poteet, my twin sister, painted a picture of my first Buddy-dog when I was in my twenties, which was probably in the late seventies or early eighties, and I have admired it on my wall ever since. Bud lived to be fifteen years old. The song Mr. Bojangles always comes to my mind when I think of him.

D.E. Poteet also created our book covers. I think she really nailed them! My book cover has a pendent with Artemis, the Goddess and Archer. Artemis protects animals, and on the pendant she is surrounded by the animals represented in my story.

I can say without doubt that my sister's book, One Bark for Murder, is well written, fun, and wonderful to read. I would not lie just to please her ego. Sisters tell you truth when no one else will! She is very clever with her descriptions and she totally fooled me with the plot twist in the end. I cannot wait to read her next book about Ruby and Roo.

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