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Ruby's and Roo's Adventures in Austin - Continued

[Please note : I have updated Chapter Four of Ruby's and Roo's Adventures in Austin. This is a on-going writing project, so there will be periodic updates, as well as new chapters. ]

Chapter Four

Sleeping peacefully on Susan Marshall’s pier, Rollie sat in a tippy fold-out camping chair while holding his fishing rod in his hands. His feet were resting comfortably on the ice chest in front of him. His cell phone was on the tackle box beside him. All was quiet on the Colorado River.

Just as something pulled on his line, the annoying ditty signaling an incoming call sounded-off on his phone, too. Attempting to do two things at once, he tried to hold on to the fishing rod and grab the offensive device, but his chair gave way. Rollie rolled out and fell onto the wooden dock. Luckily, he missed falling into cold the water by just stopping himself at the edge.

Out of habit, he said, “This is Detective Fourtier with the Oak City Police Department. How can I help you?”

Susan said, “Rollie, Ruby and Roo are with some very strange people. They were all at the Farmer’s Market. Ruby also gave me a strange message. She said to tell you that there was a murder at the Texas State Cemetery.”

Rollie said, “Slow down, Susan. What is this all about? Murder?” He got up off the ground and started heading for his SUV, which was parked in the driveway.

Used to managing people in emergencies, Susan said, “I am following them right now. We are crossing the Congress Avenue bridge, heading south. Find out from your friend, the one on the Austin police force, if there has been a murder at the Texas State Cemetery. Then catch up with me. I’ll keep you informed as to where they are taking her. I don’t know if she has been kidnapped. So, we had better not involve the police just yet.”

Rollie said, “Okay, good thinking, Susan. I’ll call you back. I’m leaving now. You’ll need to explain a few more things. But if Ruby is involved, I’ll keep moving.”

As a recent heart patient, Rollie plodded as fast as he could up the lawn, to the main house. As he rounded the corner, he became so annoyed at what he saw that he did not see what was right in front of him. He tripped on a small tree limb and stumbled to a stop. Pretending that nothing had happened, he walked up and surveyed the car.

Rollie mumbled, “Who is the idiot blocking my SUV.” As he stormed closer, he realized it was Jed Johnson, Ruby’s ex-boyfriend and co-worker, in the driver seat, and Ruby’s twin sister, Professor (of Chemistry) Copper Stone, in the front passenger seat. An unknown woman was in the back.

Perturbed, Rollie hurried up to the driver’s side of the car and said, “Can you get your car out of my way, please? It’s an emergency.”

Jed rolled his window down and said, “What are you doing here?”

Rollie said, “What are you doing here? I thought Ruby broke up with you.”

Jed said, “No, I broke up with her.”

Rollie said, “Never mind, we don’t have time for this. You can drive.”

Jed said, “What?”

Copper slipped out of the car and said, “Howdy, Rollie, what’s up? Didn’t Ruby tell you? We’re all here to play in the State Employees Golf Association Tournament tomorrow. Jed is just dropping us off. Charlene and I are staying here for the night.”

Rollie said, “I don’t remember, but it doesn’t matter. Look, we have to get going. I have a feeling Ruby is in over her head on this one.”

Jed said, “Ha-ha, was that supposed to be a pun?

Copper said, “Oh, I don’t like the sound of this. I know she knows self-defense tactics and knows how to handle a knife, but --”

Rollie interrupted and said, “Yes, I have had first-hand experience.”

Jed said, “Roo is with her, too.”

Copper said, “As I was saying. Even though I think she can handle herself, I definitely think we should go check everything out to make sure she is okay.”

Jed said, “Yes, of course, I totally agree.”

Rollie said, “Great, now can we go?”

Pushing him out of the way, Copper said, “Here, wait Rollie, let me get in the back seat with my friend. I think she’d prefer my company to yours, if you know what I mean.” Copper winked at Rollie.

Always amazed at seeing Ruby’s twin sister, Rollie said, “You look just like Ruby in every way, except for your short blond hair.”

From the back seat, Charlene said, “Wow, he is one smart detective. You did say he was a detective, right?”

Copper said, “Yeah, real sharp.”

Ignoring them, Rollie slid into the front passenger seat. In back, Copper placed a protective and affectionate arm around her friend.

Rollie said, “Okay, I’m glad we got that settled.”

Leering at Rollie, Jed said, “So, I’m to understand that even though we’ve been here less than five seconds, Ruby has already gotten herself involved in a life-threatening situation?”

Nodding his head, Rollie said, “Drive to the Congress Avenue bridge, downtown.” Rollie put up his hand to block Jed from talking to him while he called his friend on the force. Rollie snapped his fingers to

encourage Jed to hurry up.

You could almost see the steam coming out of Jed’s ears. Leering at Rollie, his whole face showed just how much he disliked the big oaf for giving him orders. But, as proven in the past, Jed always did whatever he had to do to help Ruby. Smirking, Jed changed gears and jolted the car to a start in reverse. Giving Rollie a little jolt, too.

To be continued…….

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