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TAIL Technology

TAIL Techology means Tentacle Advanced Intelligent Living Technology. The Nudibranch characters, or Ceratains as I have named them in "Y Not," She Meowed, invented it. Lady Va, the head scientist, says "TAIL Technology consist of groupings of microbes with the ship parts that then form one living entity." The activated tentacles you see pictured above hang from the center of a state room aboard the Mariposa Spirit. The smooth tentacles, which look like a sea anemone at rest, have many functionalities. They are all over the ship, inside and outside, such as above doors. To enter or exit a room, you must wave at them. They are all interconnected to one another. If one is damaged, they will all be aware of it. The photo below is of a clown fish hiding in a sea anemone. Although they are poisonous on earth, mine in my book are not.

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