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The "Rose" from "Y Not," She Meowed

The "Rose" is an advanced communication device, the great grandchild of the cell phone if you like, that is implanted into a person's temple usually after one year old or older. Previously, the name of the device was something more technical, but because it looked like a rose flower to those that saw it, people started to call it that and the name stuck. The user is able to see and/or hear feeds from the Galaxy Wide Web of news, photos, family and friends conversations, videos, etc., all at exceptional speeds, as well as stay semi-conscious of the present surroundings. Multi-tasking taken to a new, higher level. A skill easier acquired the younger the wearer is. The inventors have used certain filters to dampen the influx of information, but cases of madness have been reported. Research is ongoing. The wearer beware!

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