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The Goddess Artemis

The Goddess Artemis is central to my story and to the pendant that bears her name. In my book, she is the protector of women, animals, and nature. On the pendant, she is surrounded by the main animals that will help do just that. They are mostly forest animals and include several domesticated animals like the goat, dog, and cat. The cat has been associated with Artemis. Although, Artemis is known as the hunter, she is also known as the goddess of fertility, hence bees have been depicted on her statues and are part of helping Artemis. The only creature I threw in to include insects is the firefly. She has no association with the goddess except in my mind. Briefly, the main character represents Artemis. The other characters represent the animals that surround her on the pendent. The cat is the only real animal, the others are humanoids. Thanks for viewing!

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