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The Wolf

The wolf is noble beast. I have two characters, Maria and Lupe Lobas, who represent the Wolf from the pendant of Artemis. I love the character of Lupe. She is scrappy but loyal. She doesn't trust easily. When she does, she will be a sincere, dependable friend as long as you don't cross her. I've read that northern bred dogs like Malamutes, Huskies or Samoyes can trace their lines back to the wolf. I have had a Sammy myself and can testify to her "wolfiness." She was a quick and efficient hunter. The dogs I have now may have kinship with wolves, too. The two mixed breeds were strays when I found them or rather when they found. me. It helped that they were drawn to my Sammy and my Husky mix. They were like mom and dad. The Samoyed died not soon after the two sisters came into our lives. The Husky mix is still around. One of the girls always shows her devotion to him by ferociously licking his face while he lays flat on the floor on his side. I have to tell her to stop in fear of him drowning in slobber. I love dogs and their counter part wolves. I will always have a dog. I feel safe and loved by them. I digress, which I do often. My novel wouldn't be the same without Lupe and Maria. I suspect you will read about them in my next books, too.

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