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Ruby and Roo's Adventures In Austin - Chapter 2

Roo and I took the trail down toward the creek where we saw the woman kidnapped and the man shot. After several switch-back turns through dense cedar trees and limestone boulders, Roo stopped and growled. I could not hear them yet, but I knew Roo was letting me know they were coming in our direction. Having walked Roo on every deer path in the park, I knew where we could hide. We scurried up another path to our right and hid on top a giant limestone boulder that had fallen off the cliff from above. We were higher up and could see them, but they could not see us.

A slender woman with short blonde hair was being forced up the hill. The man held a gun in her back, giving her little choice but to obey him. The woman was crying and begging him not to kill her.

He said, “Where did you hide my money?”

She cried, “I don’t know. Henry knows, but you shot him.”

He said, “I’ll kill you if you don’t tell me.”

She screamed, “I told you everything I know.”

He slapped her across the back of her head so hard she fell to the ground. She sobbed and held her head as he stared down at her. His ugly face was screwed up with angry.

I had had all I could take. I threw a rock behind him. When he turned away from me, I jumped off the boulder. I landed on top of him and knocked his gun away at the same time. We fell to the ground together. A struggle ensued. While on his knees, he tried to throw me off like a horse who did not want to be ridden. He succeeded and I fell onto my back. I rolled over quickly and stood up. He came at me and reached for my arm. To avoid his grasp, I circled around him and grabbed his arm. Pulling his arm behind his back, I forced him to the ground. Sitting on top of him, I tied his hands together with Roo’s leash. When I looked up the woman was gone and so was Roo.

I was just about to pull my Bowie knife out of my cowboy boot when a voice behind me said, “Get off of him or I will shoot you.”

I turned and saw a bare-chested man holding a gun at me. He was bleeding from his shoulder. Blood ran down his arm. With his free hand, he held a blood-soaked tee shirt over the wound.

To be continued…..

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