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Ruby and Roo's Adventures in Austin - Chapter Two - Contunied

I obeyed his command and released the man who had abused the blond. I was glad to be away from him. The tattooed snake on his arm was too good. It gave me the willies.

With hate in his eyes, the bleeding man with the gun said, “Where is Julie? What have you done with her, you scum bag!” He leaped at the tattooed man and hit him with the butt of his gun. The tattooed man fell to the ground and was knocked out cold. The bleeding man kicked and cursed the man at his feet.

After cussing for a few more seconds, the bleeding man leered at me, as if all of this was my fault. He said, “Who the hell are you? Where is Julie?”

I said, “She ran away. I think she went in that direction. I pointed to a trail that went around North Cat Mountain toward the southeast and back to the park. I’ll see you later.” I tried to walk away.

He said, “Stop. You’re coming with me.”

I argued, “Why? I have nothing to do with you and your money.”

He said, “Yeah, but you can call the police. Go!” He waved his gun at the trail.

The trail led us down to a circular track that had once been created by motorcyclists who were no longer allowed in the park, and much to relief of all the coyotes, deer, raccoons, armadillos, and foxes.

He said, “Take me to your car.”

We took the track around until we picked up another trail that split into two directions. One way went down to the creek and the other way went up a steep trail to the old Lakewood neighborhood where my truck was parked.

When we arrived at my truck. Roo was nowhere to be found. I was getting really worried about her.

The man said, “Get in and no funny business.” We got in.

I said, “You’re bleeding all over my truck. I have a first-aid kit. Let me help you, first.”

He studied me for a few seconds and then said, “Get it.”

The kit was under my seat and I was able to fix his arm up fairly quickly. Anything was possible at gun point.

He said, “Take me to Threadgill’s.”

Thinking that it was a weird time to be going to eat, I said, “The one on North Lamar, or the one downtown?”

He said, “Downtown!”

I said, “Alright, you don’t have to get angry about it.”

To be continued…..

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